Journal 5

time pass like the speed of lightning. 

looook ,its june now. we have spent the whole half year away … i guess doing nothing, maybe something or maybe everything. didn’t realise how time passed so fast until i was reminded that our school break is 1 week away from now.

i recently went to pick up a book from the bookstore (p.s i love you) by cecelia ahern. heard a balanced of reviews about this book after reading it. some didn’t see a point about the hype of this book but i personally feel that this book is so emotional. it relates alot to real life experiences and i feel so attached to it. i haven’t experienced a close relative/ friends/love ones that is going to die or have already died. but the life lessons inside , the things this book teach is beyond my expectation. it opens up the world for me to see. it shows me how much love someone can give even when he is no longer there. it shows me how someone can stand up stronger than before by accepting the fact but not running away from it.


im glad i picked up a book again after so long. i should do that more often because some books really amaze me and i really like it. i find the joy in reading new books, new contents as i have been picking up detective/fbi kinda books previously. can’t wait for the next visit to the bookstore !


Week 04

Went for the fmsc interview yesterday. at first i was abit reluctant , like …. its been so long since i last went to something like that and stuffs. and on another note , my interview is scheduled at 745pm and i end lessons at 1 on wednesday. like….. what am i gonna do for the past 6 and a half hours?! anyway it ended up that my interview was pushed back to close to 9pm . but it was alright i guess because they played mean girls and other movies while waiting and it got us all laughing like mad.

the interview started and we got to do silly stuffs. had a great laugh and shared some stuffs with them. they were really friendly and weren’t what i thought how formal an interview would be. anyway its a fmsc interview , its suppose to be fun and cool right hahahaha. glad i went and didn;t give up on the thought of joining it because of the timing. it made me realise that i am not afraid to speak up and to tell others what are the negative and positive side of the things they plan for us. its great how they asked for our opinion on things too. i mean , if you want to make something better , you gotta learn from mistakes right?

week 3- Food

Went to stranger’s reunion with a couple of peeps to see what all the hype is about. got into the cafe and it was really crowded and noisy. the cafe was pretty though. walked in and i could smell the strong aroma of coffee. not a coffee lover but the smell is really …. wow . got into the sits quickly and all the waiter and waitress is really friendly. i love goof customer service. the 10% charge was worth it. HAHAHAHAHA


looked at their menu and if you’re looking for a wide variety , so sad but they only provide quite a small amount of foods available. went there around 2 plus so apparently it was still their morning-lunch menu. The buttermilk waffles there is really famous and well-link by everybody that leave that place. the magic (coffee) was also one of their most recommended drink. it is really bitter for me though but i think its because i’m not a coffee lover. i got myself a plate of florentine with contains smoked salmon , spinach , hollandaise sauce , 2 poached eggs and a side of greens. i like how they combine things with really healthy leaves . it makes everything seems balanced and healthy. HERE IS THE PICTURE OF IT



its super duper delicious . i’ve never eaten something so perfect before. here are more pictures of it !






Week 2 – thoughts

came across this and i thought it’s really nice.


The people who have seen these depths know something. They know that often, it’s not about moving on or figuring out a way to be happy about something. Not everything will be tailored to our liking, and just because it’s not, it doesn’t mean it’s going away. It’s not about getting over things, it’s about making room for them. It’s about painting the picture with contrast.
We never want to make room in our lives and hearts for things we don’t want there, but in all honesty, we can’t control most of what comes in and out anyway. And in our efforts to manhandle our existence, we hurt ourselves, because we get caught up in being upset over the failure of what we “thought should be.” Another thing that, of course, we never really know.
So maybe what we do when there’s nothing else to do is we make space in our hearts for the big, bad, ugly things we’re afraid of, and we learn to love them. We learn that these things are roadblocks that we aren’t supposed to knock down, because they serve us and show us that we need to go in another direction. We learn to love them for that, even though we don’t love them at all. We learn that they serve purpose, and it’s in going through this process a few times that we realize how what doesn’t work is usually far more important and poignant than what does.
so my question is : have you discovered what makes you happy?

Week 1 – 2 degree ice art exhibition

opps this post came a little late but… let’s get started on this .

i get excited on mini adventures be it overseas or here in our little sunny red dot. that being said , i went to the ice art exhibition that started last year november and only managed to recently squeeze out time i have for a visit over there. looked up on some sites , blog / vlog about the exhibition and they all have pretty good reviews and stuffs so i was really looking forward to it.
i went there via taxi with my friend but i think its quite accessible to everyone as the nearest mrt is marina square. it looks so small from the outside when you’re about to walk in. there wasn’t much people around because i went there on a friday. i think it’s nice to not have so many people around because at least you get to take things slowly and look at the exhibition , sculptures for as long as you want . in another words , own time own target. and …. you get to take solo pictures without anyone disturbing the oh so beautiful image of yours. the service crew there is pretty remarkable with all the smiles on face and welcoming you. i always love this kind of people 🙂 so heartwarming . so yep , went in at a 1 for 1 deal. put on gloves , coat and tadaaaa the door opened . first step inside and i go ‘ wooooooow it isn’t actually THAT cold. but it was all fake , the next moment i was freezing but i still enjoy the sculpture. i was amazed at how they could actually do that. like ice … and floor and… you know its just amazingggg like how do you humans do that?????? was so curious about it that i went to touch every parts of the sculptures. like i say , not a lot of people there so im glad there isn’t raising eyebrows around. pictures pictures and more pictures . i especially love the sculpture of the nine dragon (china) . they were sculptured really well and nice like i can’t even do it even if i take 10000years . but i heard an old man walking past and say ” this dragon wasn’t really well sculpted and they don’t look alike ” i was looking at him and then thinking ” easy to say but if you were to do it , you might just give up at the touch of ice ” its ice guys , if it’s clay then expectation can be higher. but ICE , do you get the idea of it? its so … .difficult and im really amazed by everything they make , the paris tower , raffles statue , ferris wheel , penguins , chinese warriors , nine dragons , etc . it is really pretty .
oh not to forget the very kiddy me who loves the slide !!!! its damn fun even though it was a small slide. there was still snow at the side of it which makes me stay there for awhile playing snow ball despite it being crazy cold.
its a really great experience to breathe and live in this kind of special exhibition . i would like to go for more in years to come ! amazing humans amazing artworks !